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Peru Rich medium roast, smooth, earthy finish, medium body

A good Peruvian coffee is gentle, aromatic and flavorful with a mild acidity. Some of the most notable coffees of Peru are Urubamba and Chanchamayo, which are both market names.

Peruvian coffees are grown very high in the Andes Mountains. This exceptional altitude creates a coffee with a bright effervescent snap, gentle sweetness, and nice medium body.

Peru is an excellent origin for organic coffees, due to the hard work of a few exporters/importers in getting the farms and the mills up to organic standards.

Peruvian coffees are not as well known in the coffee world as are their other South American neighbors, but I believe this is simply a function of advertising.

Brazil is the number-one producer of arabica coffee, and Colombia is number two. Also, Brazil and Colombia have two large coffee organizations “hawking their wares,” which Peru has not in the past.

What’s all this mean? Just that you should try coffee from Peru, because there are some nice ones out there, but you may just have not heard of them. They need a better PR department!

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