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We believe in the triple bottom line: People, Planet, Profits

We love our team.

Our products and our employees are our greatest assets. We believe that a work environment can be both enjoyable and productive. We want to keep members of our team with us for as long as we can, but we also love seeing them go on to bigger and better things. We encourage creativity, cross-training  and teamwork 


Our team is excited to serve you!
Our team is excited to serve you!
NM In Depth’s discussion with legislators on early childhood education in the state.
NM In Depth’s discussion with legislators on early childhood education in the state.

We love our community.

Coffee is somehow much more than just a drink.   Our Roasting House blossomed into a community space for people to work, study and meet new friends.  We have hosted group events, talks and presentations over the years and hope to grow this aspect of our business as long as we feel the the tenets of inclusiveness and respect are firmly adhered to.


We love our local businesses.

We decided early on that if we could support other local businesses and practice sustainability we would.  Throughout the years we have worked with innumerable partners from the community in our sourcing and for professional services.  Businesses that support one another help to build the local economy by keeping the money local longer.


Thanks to local company, Sun-Tech Services, Inc. for installing our new reverse osmosis water system!
Thanks to local company, Sun-Tech Services, Inc. for installing our new reverse osmosis water system!



Rebecca “Beck” Rosnick started Beck’s Coffee as a roasting and delivery service in 2010.  Her coffee could be found at the Farmers and Crafts Market each week, a popular tradition that we continue today.  In September 2013 Beck sold the company to Tyrell Thacker and Arianna Parsons.  Ty had just one short month with Beck to learn the art of roasting – fortunately, he is a fast learner.   Beck continues to roast coffee in Australia.

Building a Business

After the roaster was moved into the new location, Ty and Arianna learned that, lo and behold, people actually wanted somewhere to sit as they drank their coffee!  A call out to our generous community led to the donation of furniture, tables, and more.  It was ragtag to say the least, but comfy and the coffee was good.  As time went on, more customers showed up, espresso machines were purchased and an employee was hired.  Then more employees.  Each year major upgrades were made and more seating added.  Most recently, a heat sealer and new packaging has allowed us to enter markets that require a longer shelf life.

Opening a Physical Location

After the initial coffee roasting learning curve, Tyrell and Arianna decided to open a Roasting House – initially just as an indoor space with running water and plumbing (fancy!) from which to roast and sell pounds of beans and the occasional cup.  They lucked upon a little stone house with a lot of potential, just across the park from where they had recently purchased a home.   They hunted down the building owner who was about to put up a “For Rent” sign that very day.  Needless to say, the sign never made it into the window.  Beck’s opened as a physical location on January 27th 2014

The Near Future

Currently, the team at Beck’s is working on the biggest upgrades to date.  Be sure to check out the new counter space and patio seating. The kitchen now boasts facilities for house-made baked goods and the addition of artisanal, homemade ice creams, unlike anything currently being offered in the region.


Owner/Roaster, Owner/Manager, Baby

Tyrell, Arianna, Vincent and Thomas

Owner/Roaster, Owner/Manager, Baby & Big Kid/Junior Roaster


  • 2010

    Rebecca “Beck” Rosnick starts Beck’s Coffee

  • September 2013

    Beck sells company to Tyrell Thacker and Arianna Parsons

  • February 2014

    Tyrell and Arianna move to a physical location in the Mesquite Historic District

  • June 2014

    Tyrell and Arianna get married

  • January 2015

    Lexi Tallman, Beck’s first employee, is hired

  • February 2017

    Thomas Harris Thacker is born

  • January 2018

    Beck’s Roasting House and Creamery has a grand re-opening

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